Strip Poker

by Cecie Sinclair
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In Posing Naked and Campus Sex, I discussed the inspiration for my first two ebooks, Punished For Trespassing and Satisfying the Campus Guard. But what happens next? How do we go from inspiration to finished story?

In my case, I do it by asking a lot of questions.

For example, Poker Night began with this picture:

Partially Nude Woman BlindfoldedWho is she? Why is she blindfolded and dressed like that? Who is she presenting herself to? Her husband? Her master? A group of horny men? Is she holding her arms behind her back or are they bound? Why are only her breasts exposed?

So many questions. So many possibilities.

The photo shows her in a darkened room, but where? At her home? At a friend’s home? In a hotel room? Perhaps at a Gentleman’s Club with several men in suits preparing to take her.

I liked that last idea so I decided to make the story a gang-bang.

Okay, so we have this beautiful woman bound and blindfolded in a room full of guys. What happens next? Well, I imagined them gathering around her, caressing her, kissing her, fondling her – dominating her.

Then someone, perhaps her husband, orders her to kneel. Each man, in turn, stands before her, takes out his cock, and has her suck him off. Some would come in her mouth, others on her chest. One might come on her face. But everyone takes a turn with her. Afterward, they clean her and made her presentable again.

Then what?

Would they untie her or leave her bound? I liked the idea of keeping her restrained, so bound it is.

This, of course, prevents the men from taking off her dress. Someone – again, perhaps her husband – kneels before her and pulls the dress up to her waist. Is she wearing lace panties? A thong? Does she have pubic hair or is she shaved? I think it’s erotic for a man to pull off a woman’s underwear so, yes, she is wearing black lace panties. I also have a thing for well-trimmed bushes, so no bald pussies in this story!

How would he take off her panties? Would he make her lay down first, or would he slowly pull them down her legs, pooling them at her ankles? I think it’s more seductive to have her standing, so standing it is.

The men gather around her. They kiss her, fondle her breasts, caress her skin, squeeze and playfully slap her ass, and slide their hands between her thighs to pet her pussy. Her wet pussy.

I should point out at this stage I’m really not thinking of emotional content. I know the guys are horny and the woman is excited. It’s probably her fantasy and the guys are participating. Everything is consensual, so I’ll examine the characters’ feeling, thoughts, and reactions later during the writing process.

After they’re done fondling her, the men make her lie down. Where? On the floor? On a bed? How large a bed? Can everyone fit or just a couple men at a time? I decide the floor is best.

Someone strips off her panties and toss them aside. Now what? Would someone order her to spread her legs, or would two men grab a leg and force them apart? I’m not sure, but since the results are the same I’ll wait until later to decide.

Each man takes his turn fucking her. Will they wear condoms? If so, I will only be mentioned once. But most likely I wouldn’t say, leaving it up to the reader to decide.

Will there be anal sex in the story. Some readers are turned off by anal scenes. But I like the idea so I decide to risk it. I can always change my mind later.

Will they turn her over and spread her legs to take her ass? Perhaps they slide their arms under her thighs, raise her hips up, and take her ass that way, watching her reaction while they fuck her? Would they use lube or just go for it?

All this played out in my mind as I studied the photo.

After brainstorming, I had a good idea of what would happen and the various ways she would submit, but no real setup or setting. I had scenes but no context. Without context, there is no story.

Then I came across this picture and everything started to fall into place.

Nude Playing Strip PokerI love poker and especially strip poker. When I was younger, Hubby and I would play every third Friday with two couples we used to swing with. It was a lot of fun, and there was always hot sex afterward.

So, going back to the first image, what if the woman was being presented to her husband’s poker buddies? Yeah, I know. There are dozens of stories out there where a wife is offered up as a prize to the winner or is bet when her husband runs out of chips and has a supposedly winning hand.

But what if she were presented to the group before the game started? What if the game was simply a pretext to submissive group sex? And what if it was all the wife’s idea?!

I’ve been working on a sex club concept for some time now. The idea is that a group of people, couples mostly, would get together and act out their wildest sexual fantasies. The stories I have in mind primarily deal with strong women who have a submissive side they would like to explore. The men, of course, are only too happy to oblige.

I tend not to plot my erotica stories. I start with an idea and go from there.

For Poker Night, I wanted the wife presented to the group wearing an open long-sleeve shirt, blindfold, and nothing else. Why a long-sleeve shirt? Because I think they’re sexy.

Since this was my first Sex Club story, I thought it would be fun if the guys had no idea what was happening. To pull it off, I created a flashback scene establishing the concept and left it so the guys thought it was all a joke. To their surprise, the wives took it seriously.

I wanted at least one oral sex scene, one group sex scene, and one anal sex scene. I’m always leery about anal sex because some readers find it offensive but, as I mentioned earlier, I like it so it stays. However, I made the scene the last sex scene in case readers wanted to skip it or stopped reading at that point.

I settled on five guys, including the husband, because I wanted them to hold down the wife, spread-eagle, for the anal sex scene. Little did I know one of my characters would screw things up and leave before that scene took place.

Now that I had everything lined up I needed to decide on the wife’s fantasy.

One of the earliest erotica books I read was Slave Girls of Rome by Don Winslow. There are two scenes that I vividly remember. One involves an incredibly sexy slave auction; the other where the main character and his soldiers capture and rape a buxom barbarian woman. I decided to use the latter as the basis for the wife’s fantasy.

Lastly, I needed to pick the viewpoint character. In my prior two books, I told the story from the woman’s point of view. I decided to have some fun and tell this story from one of the player’s POV. This gave me the opportunity to examine his feeling when she is presented to the group, his reactions while he watches the other guys fucking her, and how he felt at the end when he is given the opportunity to fulfill his own sexual fantasy and take her ass.

After naming all the characters, I sat down and wrote the story. It did not go well. There was more than once when I seriously considered abandoning the story. But that always happens when I write erotica. You see, as much as I enjoy telling sexy stories and playing with character’s emotions, I really hate writing sex scenes. There were so many times when I just wanted to say, “While they held her down, he stuck his cock in her pussy and fucked her” or “They forced her to her knees, held her arms behind her back, and made her suck his cock”. But I couldn’t or didn’t think I could, so I struggled for months, writing and rewriting sex scenes that I hoped would excite my readers while they masturbated.

I did have a lot of fun developing the characters and watching them take on a life of their own. I start with a vague idea of each character’s personality, then fine-tune them as the story progresses. When I edit the story I go back and make sure the personalities are consistent throughout the tale.

While the guys were eager to fuck Connie, the wife, after she informed them she and their wives were okay with it, I wanted one person to still be reluctant. That person turned out to be Tom.

Tom turned out to be reserved and a little on the prudish side. He never really believed his wife would give permission for him to fuck another woman. He didn’t like the way the other guys treated Connie, even if it was part of her fantasy, and objected several times to their roughness and name calling. When his turn came, he was reluctant and made demands that eventually killed the mood and caused a scene that resulted in him leaving.

I did not plan for that to happen.

Now, I could have changed the scene and had him stay, but what fun would be? Yes, with his departure I was short a man for the climatic anal sex scene, but there was now tension in the story that hadn’t been there before. I had to think of a way to resolve the situation and get things back on track. For me, that’s what’s fun about telling stories; having things happen unexpectedly and watching how they play out.

Ending the story was another problem.

I always have a problem writing endings. I can’t just say, “And they finished fucking…The End.” Luckily, with Poker Night, I set up the ending without realizing at the time. The story begins with Rick, my viewpoint character, arriving home after the game and encountering his wife, Sally. When she asks how the game went, Rick proceeds to tell her and, in essence, the bulk of the story is a long flashback to the evening’s festivities. During this time we learn the wives were in on the whole thing, including Sally. This gave me the opportunity to end the story with Rick asking Sally, “So, darling. What’s your fantasy?”

Not only did this allow me to end the story, but it opened up the possibility of a sequel telling Sally’s fantasy. Do I know what it is? Nope, not a clue. But I have lots of naughty photos and wicked ideas I can use for inspiration.

* * *

In Posing Naked and Campus Sex, I told a personal story that inspired at least part of the associated short story. While there wasn’t a specific event that inspired Poker Night, I can tell you about my first experience with strip poker.

It was my senior year of high school. Justin and I had been dating for about a year. One weekend Justin’s cousin Hugh – yes, that’s where the name Hugh Stevenson came from – was out of town and let Justin use his apartment. I told my parents I was spending the night with Dana, my best friend, which wasn’t a lie because Dana and her boyfriend, Keith, were spending the night with Justin and I. Hugh’s apartment had two bedrooms, so we figured what the hell.

I don’t remember what we did that day, beyond spending part of it hiking around Pere Marquette State Park, but I vividly remember that evening. We were going to sit around watching movies and making out when Keith suggested we play a game. Justin suggested Truth or Dare, but we ended up settling on poker instead–strip poker.

It’s going to sound sexist, but Dana and I didn’t know shit about poker. There was a card in the deck showing the various hands and their ranking, but beyond that, we had to rely on the guys teaching us. We played a couple of practice rounds of 5-card stud and 7-card draw, then Justin broke out the chips and we played for real.

The rules were simple. We all stripped down to five articles of clothing: bra, panties, shirt, pants, and shoes for the ladies; underpants, shirt, pants, socks, and shoes for the guys. When you ran out of chips you had to give up a piece of clothing to get them back. First person naked had to do whatever the winner said. Once naked you were out of the game unless a winner requested your services. The last person dressed won the game.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for Dana and me to start losing our clothes. Shoes, shirts, and pants went first, in that order. It felt weird sitting around the table in my bra and panties while the guys had only lost their shoes and socks. Shit, sitting there you couldn’t even tell they had lost anything.

Dana was the first to lose her bra. The guys were quite pleased with themselves when she stood up, slipped the straps off her shoulders, reached around to unhook the claps, and handed her bra to Keith, who had won the hand. She had beautiful breasts; a bit larger than mine with darker areolas. Her cheeks flushed a bit as she sat down because Justin just had to comment on how perky they were.

I expected to lose my bra next, but Keith lost the hand and his shirt instead.

Then Justin lost his shirt.

I was feeling pretty good. I still had my bra and panties when everyone else was down to only their panties and briefs, and Justin and Dana were low on chips. On top of that, I was getting the hang of the game and had won the last couple of hands.

Unfortunately, I lost the next hand to Keith. I still had chips so I kept my bra. Justin folded before betting all his chips so he kept his briefs. Dana had stayed in with a very strong hand. Unfortunately, it wasn’t strong enough.

I was curious to see what Keith would have her do. But first, she stood, took off her panties, and pitched them onto the table. Her pussy was covered by a well-trimmed, dark brown bush. I could tell Justin liked what he saw by the stupid look on his face.

Dana stood there for the longest time waiting for Keith to make up his mind. Finally, she said, “I’m not going to stand here all night. What do you want me to do?”

Keith glanced at Justin, then over at me. “I want you to make out with Dana for five minutes.”

“What?” I replied.

“You can’t be serious,” Dana said.

“I’d like to see that!” Justin exclaimed, scooting his chair away from the card table and repositioning it for a better view.

“Yep,” Keith confirmed, setting an alarm on his watch. “Five minutes, starting whenever you’re ready.”

Dana looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders. We both knew sex would be involved. But we thought it would be with the guys, not each other.

What the guys didn’t know, unless Dana told Keith, and after his request, I always wondered if she had, though she denied it, was that Dana and I had been fucking each other for several years. It started during a sleep-over when we were fifteen. Dana was lying next to me, masturbating when she thought I was asleep. She was so embarrassed when she realized I wasn’t. I told her it was okay and started masturbating too. We started giggling and laughing and couldn’t keep going. But we were both really horny, I so suggested we masturbate each other. She was reluctant until I reached down and started massaging her clit. That was all it took. She laid back, closed her eyes, and reached down to massage mine.

We came within moments of each other.

At the time I was really confused. I loved making out with Dana, but I also liked boys. Could you be a lesbian and still like guys? There were girls I found attractive, but it wasn’t like I was on the prowl to fuck them. I just enjoyed making out with Dana. Eventually, I said fuck it and didn’t worry about it. Then I found out about people being bisexual and felt a whole lot better.

Anyway, Dana walked over, straddled me, and we started kissing. Soon, we’re caressing and fondling each other like the guys aren’t even there. She palms my breasts, flicking her thumbs over my hard nipples, just the way I like it. I replied with a soft moan. I could feel her smile as we kissed and it turned me on like you wouldn’t believe.

Horny as hell, I pushed her back and lock my lips on one of her nipples, sucking it as hard as I could, just as she liked it while squeezing and massaging her firm, full boob. She sighed and grabbed the back of my head, forcing more of her breast into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her nipple, then switch to her other boob and did the same thing.

Her body started to quiver. I decided to really drive her crazy and slid my other hand between her legs and cupped her pussy. Gliding my fingers along her wet lips, I thrust one finger, then two, inside her. She started wiggling her hips, and I knew she was close because I could smell the musky scent of her desire.

“Oh, god, oh, god, don’t stop” she cried, grinding her hips harder against my hand. Suddenly, it seemed all her muscles jerked uncontrollably and she froze, breathless, as an intense orgasm rippled through her. I continued to finger her and suck her breast as she rode the waves of erotic pleasure until, exhausted and spent, she melted against me.

Any embarrassment I may have felt in the beginning was well worth the stunned look on the boys’ faces. It was the first time Justin had seen two girls making out and, from his expression, I expected it was Keith’s first time too.

I could tell they enjoyed the show by the way their erections pressed against their underwear.

“Fuck the game,” Keith said, standing up and stripping off his briefs. His rock-hard cock sprang forth, ready for action. Justin followed suit and before long I was naked as well. The game was over, but the fun was only beginning.

* * *

Before you go, I want to share a few photos with you. I use photos for inspiration and reference when I write. That’s one reason I chose Scrivener for my writing software. It allows me to have multiple panels open; one for writing, another for the photo. In addition to the two photos above, I used these photos while writing Poker Night. All were found either on Twitter or through an Internet search.

Nude Woman Reclining on ChairNude Woman Kneeling on Chair
Nude Woman Spread-eagle

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