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by Cecie Sinclair
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Today, I want to share with you the inspiration for my short erotica story, Satisfying the Campus Guard.

The story takes place one night when Jan, our sexy college coed, is caught by a campus security guard orally pleasing her boyfriend. The guard turns out to be a real jerk. He takes their student IDs and tells them he’s going to report them to the Dean. This is a major problem because Jan’s boyfriend is in hot water with the Dean and will most likely be expelled. They plead with him, but the jerk guard refuses to change his mind. Until he realizes he has just been presented with the opportunity of a lifetime. He offers Jan a choice: submit to his desires or let her boyfriend be expelled. The three argue; actually, Jan’s boyfriend argues, the guard knows he has them over a barrel. Eventually, Jan agrees and prepares for, as the guard phrases it, “a nice, thorough strip search.”

The inspiration for the story came from two sources. My boyfriend and I had a similar experience in college, though thank goodness we weren’t caught like Jan and her boyfriend. The other source, of all things, was an episode of Happy Days.

Now, I’ve been a fan of Happy Days for as long as I can remember. Growing up I fell love with their portrayal of a care-free 50’s lifestyle. I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I fantasized about hanging out with Richie and his gang. Or having sex with the Fonz. Mmmm, Fonzie.

I often have a movie or TV show on as background when I’m working on a story concept. My parents were big TV watchers, and I kinda picked up the habit of always have the TV on.

One evening I decided to throw on a Happy Days disc while working on this story. I’m thinking I have a decent handle on Security Guard Morelli until I hear this asshole police officer mouthing off on Happy Days. I stop what I’m doing and watch the rest of the episode. Then I watch it again. When it’s over I jump on the Internet, Google all the episodes with Office Kirk, and watch them. By the time my cats inform me I’m seriously late for their nine o’clock feeding, I have pages of scribbled notes and a much better handle on Office Morelli.

Oh and in case you were wondering, I swiped the name Morelli from Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series. I loved the first six books, but they kinda got old after that. Anyway, I originally planned to base my Morelli on hers until I saw the episode of Happy Days.

The scene where Jan orally pleases her boyfriend came from a real-life experience. Remember Justin from my prior post, “Posing Naked”? Well, we were still dating in college. No, he’s not the man I ended up marrying, but we sure had some fun times together.

Anyway, there was a park just off campus with a small lake and a lot of trees. Sometimes during lunch, we’d head over and take a walk around the lake. Most of the time there were other students around, but every once in a while we would find ourselves alone.

One afternoon we had some time before our evening classes began, so we headed for the park. This turned out to be one of those occasions when no one else was around.

Halfway around the lake Justin grabbed my hand and lead me off into the woods. As soon as we were hidden from sight, he backed me against a tree and started kissing me and playing with my boobs. I wore a halter top that day with no bra, and it didn’t take long before he untied the back and slipped his hands underneath. As he bent down to suck my tits I quickly looked around to make sure we were still alone. The last thing I wanted was a bunch of guys to coming along and deciding they wanted to join in. Well, maybe that wasn’t the last thing I wanted, but I certainly didn’t want to do anything that would attract a security guard.

When Justin started buttoning my jeans I decided to take matters into my own hands. I grabbed him by the shoulders, spun him around, and threw him against the tree. That surprised the crap out of him and gave me the time I needed to drop to my knees and undo his pants. Before he could say anything, I jerked his pants down, followed by his underpants, and grabbed his cock.

Justin must have been thinking some really dirty thoughts because his dick was rock solid in my hand. As I stroked him I realized I couldn’t just give him a handjob. He liked to come all over my chest, and I didn’t have anything to clean up with.

So, I looked around one last time, opened my mouth, and swallowed his cock.

It was hard and thick, just the way I liked it. I shifted position slightly and slowly slid my lips down his shaft, swirling my wet tongue around him as I drew his cock deeper into my mouth. When he hit the back of my mouth I sucked as hard as I could and pulled my head back up his long shaft. I kept doing that, over and over again, bobbing my head as fast as I could until Justin’s cock started twitching and he began moaning with pleasure.

Just when I thought he was about to come, Justin grabbed my halter, flung it over my shoulder, and seized both my breasts. The halter was still tied at the top, so now I wore it like a cape. I felt like an X-rated Supergirl.

The way Justin was kneading my tits I knew he was close, so I decided to help him along. I popped his cock out of my mouth and licked the sensitive region beneath the crown. He moaned even louder, letting me know I was hitting the right spots.

Eventually, he couldn’t take any more. He grabbed my head, curled his fingers through my hair, and thrust his cock back into my mouth. His hips started bucking and he fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I put my hands behind my back, lacing my fingers together like a good little slave girl (he loved that), and let him do what he wanted.

At one point, his cock hit the back of my mouth and didn’t stop. I relaxed, as much as I could, and let him slide his long prick down my throat.

I held my breath and tried not to gag. The first time we tried it I ended up throwing up afterward. Since then I’d gotten a lot better at deep throating his cock.

Justin tightened his grip and forced my head all the way down his shaft until my nose was buried in his curly pubic hair and his balls rested against my chin. He held me like that, with his cock buried down my throat, until I started gagging and choking. I must have scared him because suddenly let go and jerked his cock out of my mouth.

Sitting back, I gasped and sputtered until I got my breath back. I knew Justin was concerned he’d gone too far, so when he asked if I was okay I looked up, gave him a wicked smile, and opened my mouth.

He deep-throated me once more before he came.

I can always tell when men are about to come because their breathing suddenly changes. Instead of taking deep breaths like they do when they’re fucking me, their breath comes in quick, shallow bursts. Also, their dick starts doing this weird spasm thing just before it erupts.

Justin tightened his grip, and I thought he was going to pull my hair out. With a loud grunt, he thrust his cock deep into my mouth and froze as warm, thick streams of cum filled me. I swallowed as much as I could, but some leaked out the sides of my mouth. I quickly scooted back, never taking my mouth off his cock, so the mixture of cum and my spit would drip on the ground and not my breasts.

Justin grunted again and another stream hit the back of my throat. I loved sucking Justin’s cock, but damn that guy could fill my mouth like no one else. (Don’t tell my husband.)

When he was done he pulled his cock from my mouth, and I swallowed the last of his seed. Licking my lips, I looked up at him, my hands still behind my back. He looked down and smiled, that post-orgasm glow still on his face. As he put his dick back in his pants, I stood up and retied my halter.

Then, hand in hand, we headed back for our evening classes.

Before we go, I want to share with you the photo I used as inspiration while I wrote Satisfying the Campus Guard. I used this sexy photo of the beautiful Michaela Isizzu. You can find her photo set at

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1 comment

Satisfying the Campus Guard - an erotic story by Cecie Sinclair March 21, 2019 - 2:04 am

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