Wifely Duties: Jane Discovers Fellatio by PT Winters

by Cecie Sinclair
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Wifely Duties #1
From the back cover:

1950 housewife Jane talks to her husband in an attempt to improve her marriage, only to find out she’s been unknowingly neglecting her wifely duties. SHe knew she was supposed to cook and clean, but until now no one told her about fellatio!

The strong, independent woman reluctantly agrees, and over the course of several sexual adventures has oral sex with her husband in their den, their car, at a public beach and even right under their neighbor’s nose. Embarrassed and ashamed at first, she initially agrees out of a sense of obligation, but eventually realizes that she can give her husband what he needs, and ask for the same in return.

It’s a highly erotic tale of a woman learning the importance of pleasing her man, while still maintaining her own self-respect. Jane becomes submissive, but ultimately gets what she wants from her marriage.

My review:

I’m a ‘90s girl, so what I know of the ‘50s comes from old movies and TV shows. Wholesome shows like Leave It to Beaver, I Love Lucy, and Father Knows Best. My parents loved them. I did too until I was old enough to realize what “Beaver” really meant, that Father did not always know best, and Ricky enjoyed spanked Lucy just a little too much. Under all that sickly sweetness there had to be something dirty going on. I just knew Eddie Haskell was secretly feeling up Mary Ellen when Wally wasn’t around and saintly Jim Anderson was secretly into bondage. They just had to be.

So when I came across the first book in PT Winters’ Wifely Duties series I had to pick it up. I had no choice. And I’m happy to say the book did not disappoint.

The story centers around Jane and Michael, a clean-cut American couple. Their life is perfect, except Jane would like Michael to do more around the house, and Michael would like Jane to, well, the title gives it away. Jane reluctantly agrees and within a week Michael becomes her ideal husband. Then the time arrives for Jane to perform her wifely duties.

Wifely Duties was a refreshing change from the dom/sub kink commonly found in today’s erotica. There is a lot of love and respect going on here. These are real people, with real needs and desires. These are the people I knew existed in those old TV shows.

I went on to read the rest of Winters’ Wifely Duties series. I’ll be honest, I read them through Kindle Unlimited. However, I enjoyed the series so much I bought the first six books when they came out in an omnibus and books 7 and 8 as soon as they hit the stands. All three are downloaded to my Kindle and will stay there so I can revisit the ‘50s, my vision of the ‘50s, whenever I wish.

So, the next time you’re watching reruns of the Honeymooners, let your mind wander and ask yourself, is Ralph always in a bad mood because Alice isn’t performing her wifely duties?

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