Uranus Needs Men

by Cecie Sinclair
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You know, I never believed in alien abductions. I mean, come on, why would an advanced civilization travel a zillion miles just to fuck our women and probe our men’s asses? Surely, they can get their kinks closer to home.

Well, I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but I recently discovered aliens really do exist. You see, I was down at Miller’s Quarry with Sarah Jenkins when we see this sexy redhead in a yellow outfit walking across the water toward us. Yeah, that’s right. On the water, just like Jesus or something. Huh? What Sarah and I were doing is none of your business, so let’s just stick to the story, okay?

So, when this redhead gets closer I see her outfit looks like it’s made out of some kind of rubber or plastic or something, and it’s see-through! No shit. I can see her nipples and everything. No, I’m not making it up.

She walks right up to us, all the time giving us this really sexy smile, and tells me I need to come with her. I’m doing my best not to stare at her chest because, swear to God, this woman is stacked and her outfit left nothing to the imagination. She reaches her hand out and it’s everything I can do not to take it. I mean, she’s so damned beautiful and sexy and built and my dick is getting hard and that’s when Sarah steps up and slaps the shit out of her.

I’ve seen Sarah mad before, but nothing like this. She’s cussing and calling the redhead a slut and a whore and where did she get off dressing like that. I had to grab hold of her or she would have lit right into the woman.

As you can imagine, the redhead’s piss off too. She puffs her self up and I swear her eyes turn red. No, I mean it. They turn as red as her hair, like demon eyes or something.

Well, Sarah sees it too and stops struggling. We’re both staring when the woman reaches out and touches Sarah on the cheek. Just touches her, nothing else, and Sarah drops like a rock, or would have if I hadn’t been holding her. I ask the woman what the hell she did to Sarah and she tells me Sarah will be okay and I should just lay her down. Normally, I’d tell her to go fuck herself, but there’s something about this woman I can’t resist, and I’m not just talking about her looks and her boobs.

So, I lay Sarah down, gather her clothes, and put them next to her. Oh, fuck you. Yeah, we were skinny dipping. You happy now? Can I get on with the story?

I gather my clothes and start to put them on when the redhead tells me it won’t be necessary. I’m thinking, ‘huh?’, when she reaches out and touches me. And I go out like a light.

When I come to I’m standing spread-eagle, tied between two metal posts, and naked as the day I was born. As my head clears I see I’m in a small grey room. There’s a metal door to my left, some kind of machine on a table in front of me, and in a chair to my right sits the redhead.

I ask what the hell’s going on and she tells me she’s from some planet called Nirena in a distant star system. Seems most of the men on her planet are sterile because of some war or something, so she and her crew are searching the universe looking for sperm donors. No, she didn’t say sperm donors, you ass, but that’s what she meant. They have a space station orbiting Uranus, and that’s where she’s taken me.

If you don’t stop laughing I’m leaving. I don’t know why our probes never saw it. Maybe it’s invisible or something. I never thought to ask her. Now, will you shut up and let me go on?

Okay, so I’m hanging there, trying not to stare at her boobs, and thinking things might not be so bad after all. I’m a healthy guy with plenty of sperm to go around. From what I could tell she looks human, so making a donation might be kind of fun.

I tell her, okay, I’m more than happy to help with interstellar relations and would she like to do it here or somewhere more comfortable. She whips that sexy smile on me and I feel my dick getting hard. She says we can do it there.

Now, I’ve done some kinky shit, but I just couldn’t see how we are going to fuck with me tied up like that. I guess she could back into me, but what’s the fun in that if I can’t get hold of those luscious boobs?

So, I’m asking her if she’ll untie me when she pulls this long hose out of the machine and turns to face me. There’s a large rubber tube in her hand connected to the hose. It looks like one of those things you stick on your dick to help you jack off. How would I know? I don’t use one.

Anyway, she comes over and starts stroking my cock. She’s really good at it and before long I’m rock hard. Then, sure enough, she sticks that damn tube on my dick. It squirts out some kind of lube and starts vibrating and massaging my cock.

I’m not at all happy about this and tell her so as I struggle to get loose. Still smiling that damn sexy smile, she leans in close and I think she’s going to kiss me. But she doesn’t. She touches my temple and the room starts to spin. I get really dizzy and a little sick to my stomach. When the room finally settles down I notice the machine and table are gone, but the tube is still stuck on my dick.

Only it isn’t. When I look down I see the redhead on her knees, completely naked, with my cock in her mouth. She’s looking up at me with these big, beautiful hazel eyes and really going to town on my dick. She’s sucking and bobbing her head and swirling her tongue and all the while never taking her eyes off me. I tell you, it was everything I could do not to explode right then and there.

No, I didn’t take a picture of her, dumb ass. I didn’t have my phone. I don’t care if you got a picture of Rita sucking your dick. Will you let me finish?

Anyway, she has her arms around me and she’s holding my ass and she’s leaning forward just a bit so her boobs jiggle as she works her magic. I want so badly to play with those boobs, but I can’t cause I’m tied up.

So, I start bucking my hips. We get into a rhyme and before you know it we’re in sync, with me rocking forward and her sliding her lips all the way down my shaft. Yeah, she’s deep throating me! I know. And she doesn’t even choke when she does it. It was amazing.

Well, as much as I wanted it to last forever, I feel myself getting ready to come and I know I can’t hold out much longer. I consider pulling out and coming on her face, but that just didn’t seem right. Besides, I like coming in a girl’s mouth. Hell, I don’t know. I just do.

So, I’m speeding up and she’s speeding up and all I wanna do is grab the back of her head so she can’t pull away but I can’t and I gotta come so I thrust my hips out one last time and erupt in her mouth. And damned if she doesn’t start swallowing. Yeah, she keeps sucking and working her lips up and down my cock and swallowing the whole time.

When I’m done she lets my cock fall from her mouth and her tongue slowly licks her wet lips and I so want to kiss her. Then I start to get dizzy and the room begins to spin again.

When it stops the redhead is back in her yellow outfit, snapping the tube back in place on the machine. She turns to me and asks if I enjoyed myself. Considering she just gave me one of the best blowjobs I ever had, I tell her I did. This seems to make her very happy. She tells me we’ll do it again in a little while and leaves the room.

She kept me a prisoner for three days. We had sex almost non-stop. Sometimes I was tied to the posts, other times I was tied to a cushioned table. Sometimes she’d suck my cock, other times she’d ride me. Every once in a while she’d take me in her ass. It was fantastic. She was fantastic.

Then, in the late afternoon of the third day, it all came to an end. I’d fallen asleep on the table after an exhausting session, and when I awoke I was back at the quarry. Sarah was gone and so was my car. I found my clothes where I’d left them. There was no sign of the red-headed woman.

I dressed and hitchhiked back to town, and you know the rest. The police didn’t believe me. Mom and dad didn’t believe me. Sarah sure as hell didn’t believe. And neither do you guys. Everyone thinks I’m crazy or something.

But I tell you, it’s true. Every word of it. Somewhere out there there’s a gorgeous redhead looking for men. And if you’re not careful…

…you could be next.

The End?

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