The Untouchable Princess by PT Winters

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review The Untouchable Princess by PT Winters
From the back cover:

After being arranged to wed a prince in a faraway land, Princess Abigail finds herself mysteriously cursed, unable to touch or be touched by any man. She grows up to become the most beautiful woman in her kingdom, but being unable to even hold hands with a man means she will never be kissed.

Where did the curse come from, and more importantly, can it be broken?
If not, she may never know the touch of a man…

My review:

It’s rare that I find a fantasy story, erotic or otherwise, that I enjoyed as much as this one.

The story begins on Princess Abigail’s 16th birthday. She is the most beautiful girl in the land, witty and kind and loved by all. Her father, fearless and kind-hearted King Maximus, returns that day from negotiations with neighboring Cesanthya. He announces their future is secure, and that he has a special gift for the princess. Five years hence, on her 21st birthday, Princess Abigail is to be wed to Prince Guthroth of Cesanthya! The prince is said to be handsome, kind, and wealthy and the king assures his daughter these things are true. After teasing her royal parents, Abigail gleefully accepts the arrangement and trots off to find her real birthday present, a pony soon to be named Buttercup.

But all does not go well for our sweet princess. Soon after the betrothal, she is cursed so that no man can touch her nor can she touch a man. Sadly, her dear father discovers this the hard way. Over the next five years, the lovely princess becomes distant and distraught as sorcerers and conjurers and wizards of all kind fail to lift the curse.

Then, one month prior to her 21st birthday, Prince Guthroth arrives. Aware of the curse, he believes a single kiss will dispel the evil befallen his princess. Are his sweet lips enough lift the enchantment? You’ll need to read the story to find out.

Reviewing this story was difficult because I don’t want to give too much away. Let me just say the story does not end with Prince Guthroth’s kiss.

I enjoyed this tale because it reminded me of a naughty version of Sleeping Beauty. Not Ann Rice naughty, where it’s all cruelty and slavery, but PT naughty, where it’s all fun and hot sex. The story is a little darker than PT’s usual tale. Poor Princess Abigail goes through a pretty rough stretch throughout most of the story. But as with all good fairy tales, the story does end with a ‘happily ever after,’ so things turn out okay for our dear princess at the end.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the sex scene. At the time of the scene, Princess Abigail is still cursed. You would think this pretty much negates any chance of hot sex, wouldn’t you? Not so, dear reader. PT comes up with a very unique and damn steamy way around the problem. This scene alone is worth reading the book.

But don’t skip ahead just for the sex or you’ll miss out on a lot of fun!

Discloser: I did read the advanced reader’s copy and assisted in a small way with some edits, but I enjoyed the story so much I purchased a copy when PT released the book on Amazon.

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