The Nookie Monster

by Cecie Sinclair
The Nookie Monster

I sit at the foot of his bed and watch the young man sleep.

He sleeps a restless sleep. His body twitches. His breathing is erratic. He is afraid, caught in a nightmare from which he cannot escape.

This will not do. I cannot feed on terror or rage or hatred. Such emotions sicken me.

I rise and move closer to my prey. He is so young and inexperienced. A virgin, most likely. I smile to myself as I hover above him. He will be so easy to manipulate.

I gently touch his mind and whisper commands that ease his suffering and dispel his demons. The nightmares quickly fade in my presence, as well they should. They hold no power over me and my kind.

Set free of his nightmare, my prey floats idly through a realm of infinite possibilities. Images shift and change, eventually merging into that of a pretty girl with skin the color of honey, hair the color of midnight, and penetrating brown eyes that miss nothing. She carries a large tray and moves with grace between crowded tables of men and women, serving food and drink.

The young man hungers for this pretty girl. I am glad for his hunger will feed mine.

Gently, I lie down beside him. He senses me but does not awaken. I caress his soft boyish face, then lean in and kiss his innocent lips. He gasps in his sleep. His heart races at my touch. His mind becomes clear, and I enter his dreams.

The young man sits in the same wooden booth he occupied when last he visited this pub. He stares at a menu he cannot read and sips an ale he can not taste. Confused, he glances up and realizes the pub is empty. No patrons. No bartenders. No waitresses.

He slides to the edge of the booth and looks around, confirming he is alone. He calls out but nobody answers. Baffled, he stands and walks to the old door leading into the kitchen. He pushes it open and listens. Nothing. He calls out. No response.

He turns back, preparing to leave when he notices the pretty girl sitting at the far end of the bar. She is dressed in her waitress uniform and watches my prey’s reflection in the large mirror behind the bar.

How could I miss seeing her? he wonders.

He waves and calls out to her, but she does not respond.

Concerned, he walks down the unusually long mahogany bar toward her.

As he approaches, she spins around, leans back, and rests her elbows on the leather cushion that surrounds the bar. Her unbuttoned shirt falls open, revealing full, braless breasts. Her pants, if they can be called that, consists of a thin strip of cloth, loosely tied in the front. A cheap, plastic watch with the pub logo encircles her right wrist. Tennis shoes dangle loosely from her feet. She wiggles her toes and they fall to the floor.

The sight of this attractive, nearly-naked woman pleases and arouses the young man. But he is stunned at her forwardness and stops, moving no closer.

I am disappointed, but not surprised. She is a beautiful creature and my prey is rather ordinary. I doubt she gave him a second thought after serving him.

I feel sorry for him and adjust the dream, making the pretty girl the aggressor.

With a sly smile, she slides off the stool and strolls over to the reluctant young man.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she says in a sultry voice.

“Where is everyone?”

“Gone. I wanted you all to myself.”

She moves closer, and the young man’s clothes disappear. He stands there, mesmerized, as she slips her arms around his neck, pressing her perfect breasts against his muscular chest and kisses him. Their tongues intertwine in a primal dance. He melts in her embrace.

Growing bolder, my prey slips his arms around the pretty girl’s waist and grasps her firm, round bottom. She moans at his touch and grinds her hips against his awakening manhood. His body trembles. His fingers dig into her luscious buttocks as he pulls her closer, a sinful lust rising from deep within him. She sucks his tongue into her mouth, gently biting and teasing him.

I breathe deeply, drinking in the intoxicating scent of his carnal desires.

Taking his hand in mine, I cautiously glide it down his taut stomach and into his underwear. Our fingers curl around his long, hard cock. The tip is wet with anticipation. He groans as we stroke his manhood, slowly at first, then with more vigor.

The pretty girl slides a hand between their bodies and grips his penis. She squeezes and strokes it, making the young man gasp and quiver.

He is ready.

The Nookie MonsterShe drops to her knees and wraps her lips around the young man’s cock. Never taking her eyes from his, she bobs her head up and down its length, her lips soon glistening with a mixture of pre-cum and saliva. A drop of the sexual liquid escapes her lips and drips onto her breast.

My prey looks down upon his dream girl and watches her suck his cock. It is a beautiful sight. A sight that could only occur in a dream.

Her lips are soft and wet and warm against his skin. She makes little slurping noises with each bob of her head. Normally, he finds these noises distracting and irritating but with her, they are sexy and arousing.

I relish the taste of the young man’s ecstasy and will him to be more aggressive.

He places a hand on the pretty girl’s head and wonders how much of his cock she can take. Thrusting forward, he is both pleased and surprised when she easily swallows his entire length. He holds her head as she looks up at him, his manhood buried deep down her throat, and is again surprised that she does not gag or cough. Something in the back of his mind tells him she should.

She does not squirm or resist and this pleases the young man. He reaches down and cups one of her magnificent breasts, squeezes it, feels its weight in his hand. Her nipples grow hard. He brushes his thumb over the small bud and feels her body shiver.

With her breast in his hand and his cock down her throat, the young man stares down at the pretty girl in awestruck amazement, and I bath in his exhilaration.

When he finally releases her, the pretty girl takes his cock from her mouth, swallows, and wipes the drool from her lips. She then commences sucking his cock once again.

My prey is masturbating so fiercely that if I were not here he would surely awaken. But I am not satiated, so he remains enthralled under my spell.

The Nookie MonsterThe pretty girl’s cheeks pucker inward as she sucks. Her head bobs up and down faster and faster. The slurping sounds grow louder.

She moves too quickly and the young man’s cock falls from her mouth with a sloppy “pop”. Before he can react, she sucks the tip of his cock back into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the bulbous head while wrapping her fingers around the base and stroking him. With her other hand, she cups his balls and gently massages them.

My prey groans and his body tenses. His breath comes in quick, short pants. He grows near, and I begin feasting in earnest.

The young man thrusts his hips forward with each stroke of the pretty girl’s fingers, sliding his cock further into her warm, wet mouth. His rhythm grows faster and faster, as does hers.

Tension builds in his groin. His throbbing cock seems to grow larger, swelling as it nears release.

The young man grabs the pretty girl’s head and holds her in place as he continues to fuck her mouth. Her hands drop to her sides as she awaits his release.

My prey moans, pauses, then every muscle jerks uncontrollably as he erupts in his underwear.

The young man thrusts deeply into the pretty girl’s mouth and erupts, filling her mouth with his cum. She cannot swallow it all and some dribbles out of her mouth and down her chin to land on her heaving breasts.

I gorge myself on his sexual energy, consuming it with gluttonous delight.

When I have had my fill I release my prey. His cock grows limp and a sticky hand slips from his underwear. I should wake him and allow him to clean himself, but I am too tired to care.

As I withdraw from his mind, the young girl and the dream fade away. He will sleep a dreamless sleep. Tomorrow, he will remember the dream and the pretty girl and the pleasure she gave him. He will masturbate to the images for many weeks to come, of that I am sure. Perhaps he will even gather the courage to ask her out, though I doubt it. It is no longer a concern of mine.

I drift away and fade from existence, my hunger satisfied for another night.

I wonder what delicacies tomorrow night will bring?

The End

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Xtradonaire April 27, 2019 - 9:17 am

Just stumbled upon your writing, enjoyed every sentence; hot & sexy.
Twitter @Xtradonaire

Anonymous June 28, 2019 - 9:03 am

Great story Ceci.
💋 Jen X


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