The Hot Clerk by Clara Zaynn

by Cecie Sinclair
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The Hot Clerk
From the back cover:

Kaitlyn never imagined a simple chore at work would lead her to meet the man of her dreams. She lusted after Zach with a single glance, but somehow, thanks to the magic of the holiday, it turned into so much more.

My review:

Just in time for the holiday season (don’t you hate that phrase) comes a story that anyone who has ever worked in retail during the holidays will certainly appreciate. The story opens in the middle of a confrontation between Kaitlyn and your typical irate customer who waited until the last minute to do his shopping and, lo and behold, what he wants is out of stock. The dialog and the things Kaitlyn wishes she could say are so well done they brought back not-so-fond memories of my time at Waldenbooks. Kaitlyn holds her cool, the customer storms out (don’t they always), and I want to know more about this sexy young lady.

Kaitlyn soon meets Zack and immediately falls in lust. Things turn hot and steamy when they find themselves alone in Zack’s manager’s office, and Kaitlyn does something even I wouldn’t have the nerve to do. (You’ll need to read the book to find out what it is.) Things heat up even more when Kaitlyn follows Zack home. (You really need to read this book.)

As much as I enjoyed the story and the sex, I enjoyed Clara’s conversational writing style the most. She sucked me into the story and made me feel like she was right there, telling me about her exploits at Hilltop Toys. Not many authors can do that.

I look forward to reading Clara’s other books. And if you haven’t guessed yet, I highly recommend this one!

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