Teenage Sex: The Forbidden Story

by Cecie Sinclair
Teenage Sex

I sucked a guy’s cock for the first time when I was sixteen. He was my best friend. We were always hanging out together, either alone or with other friends, and there was nothing we couldn’t talk about. I really loved the guy and still have fond memories of our times together.

My parents lived within walking distance to a nice, safe park with lots of trees and a cute little lake. There was an island in the middle of the lake with a fountain that sprayed water about twenty feet into the air. The ducks loved it. Whenever I could I would head over there to read or draw or just relax and think.

One night during summer vacation Tim and I went to see a movie, I don’t remember which one, and stopped by the park on our way home. We were sitting under a tree near the lake gossiping about some people we knew when the topic turned to sex. Before long we were making out. Nothing heavy, mind you. I let him untie my halter and play with my breasts, but I stopped him when he tried to put his hand down my pants. I wasn’t ready for that yet.

I guess letting him fondle my breasts was too much for him because after a bit he asked me if I would take out his cock and play with it. I was reluctant at first, but curiosity got the better of me. He leaned back against the tree as I unzipped his pants and fished out his cock.

I had seen a cock before but never held one in my hand. It was hard with a little mushroom-shaped head. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘little’. Guys hate that. I moved it around, looking at it from various angles. It wasn’t as long or thick as the cocks I had seen in magazines, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I was still looking at it when Tim took my hand, wrapped my fingers around the shaft, and started moving my hand up and down its length. When I had a smooth rhyme going he let go and asked me not to stop.

As fascinating as it sounds, jacking him off really didn’t do anything for me. It wasn’t nearly as exciting as I thought it would be. I mean, sure, it felt nice holding his cock in my hand, and I loved listening to him groan whenever I squeezed my fist, but I expected there to be more.

There was.

He was breathing heavily and his grip on my boob was starting to hurt when he begged me to put his cock in my mouth. The idea didn’t repulse me, but I didn’t want him to come in my mouth. I told him I would do it if he promised to take his cock out before he came. He promised, so I leaned over and was about to do as he asked when a naughty idea hit me.

I stopped pumping and started licking him instead. I licked up and down his shaft and swirled my tongue around the head of his penis. It tasted a little salty, but I read somewhere that it would, so I wasn’t surprised. It smelled a little musky, too, which was kind of a turn on.

When I felt Tim’s hand on the back of my head, I realized the time for stalling was over. I took a deep breath, did as he had asked, and put his cock in my mouth.

Looking back, it was probably the worst blowjob I have ever given. I didn’t know when to suck and when to breathe, so I kept choking and drooling all over him.

He didn’t seem to mind.

Tim kept his promise, sort of. He didn’t come in my mouth, but he didn’t give me much warning either. As I pulled away, he came all over my face. It got in my hair and up my nose and almost nailed my eye. When I opened my mouth to breathe it dribbled in there too. His semen didn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, but I still spit it out. It was really pissed, and it was a long time before I sucked his cock again.

That was my first experience with sucking a guy’s cock.

I was sixteen.

Not eighteen.

Not twenty.


I can tell you this story because I’m writing it as a memoir. The event actually happened. I’m not trying to titillate or get you off. I’m simply relating an event that happened to me in high school.

If I wrote this as fiction, especially erotic fiction, I couldn’t tell you I was sixteen. I couldn’t tell you Tim was sixteen. Here in the United States, and I suspect in most countries, the law forbids depictions of sex between characters under the age of eighteen.

That pisses me off.

I understand the whole child pornography thing. Mostly, I agree with it. And I guess the line has to be drawn somewhere. But I hate not being able to write sexually explicit stories about young adults in high school having sex unless they are of legal age.

Life just doesn’t work that way.

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Lilith Bealove August 2, 2019 - 1:45 pm

At what age do you recommend we draw that line? Because while I agree that high school-aged children are having sex, and it shouldn’t be stigmatized, I started high school when I was 13.

Cecie Sinclair August 2, 2019 - 3:44 pm

That’s a very good question. I, too, started high school when I was 13. I turned 14 that October. I knew girls who were having sex during their freshmen year. If it were up to me, I would draw the line at 13. That’s when kids become teenagers.

keith August 2, 2019 - 6:43 pm

I am a part time writer and I really want to write some stories and make a little extra money. But whenever I think of an idea for a story, it’s always about teen sex. That really sucks!!!!!

Cecie Sinclair August 2, 2019 - 8:01 pm

I hear your pain. Many years ago I had an idea for a YA romance based on an experience I had in high school. Unfortunately, there was sex involved and the characters were under 18. I couldn’t figure out how to write it the way I wanted without making everyone seniors, which completely killed the premise. I abandoned the story and decided to write erotica instead.


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