Swapping Partners

by Cecie Sinclair

It is strangely exciting to watch my wife suck another man’s cock. Her long hair is pulled to one side, allowing me to view her beautiful face as her lips slide up and down his long shaft. Jim’s cock is larger than mine, and I cannot help but wonder what it must feel like in her mouth.

Cindy was reluctant at first. Mine is the only cock she’s sucked since we were married. There were other men before me, but I know she has been faithful and not strayed. Sharing her is a new experience for both of us.

I glance down at the feel of Jeanne’s fingers tightening around my shaft. She sucks deeply as her mouth slides up my cock. She stops, swirling her tongue around the mushroomed head, and looks up into my eyes.

Jeannie was reluctant too, but for a different reason. As she lays next to me with the tip of my cock in her mouth I remember a distant night when we laid next to each other. We had returned to my parents’ house after a pleasant date and excused ourselves to my room to listen to music and make out. We kissed for a while and she allowed me to fondle her breasts through her shirt but stopped me when I tried to slide my hand down her pants. She also stopped me when I tried to slide my hands under her shirt. Who would have imagined that years later she would be laying next to me nude and sucking my cock?

Jeannie looks away, watching Cindy and her husband as she bobs her head up and down on my cock once again. Jeannie has always been competitive and tonight is no different. She is doing her best to out-blowjob Cindy.

Not that I mind. Cindy never enjoyed sucking my cock. She did it to please me, but I could tell she was never into it. I slept with a few women before Cindy and they all swallowed when I came. I guess they spoiled me. Cindy never swallows. She keeps a towel next to her and spits into it when we finish. I count myself lucky that she lets me come in her mouth.

There is a blue towel lying next to her and Jim.

There is not one next to Jeannie and me.

I lay my head over and turn my attention back to Cindy. Drool leaks from the side of her mouth, coating Jim’s cock and causing her to make loud slurping noises. She hates making those noises and detests drooling even more. I’m surprised she hasn’t stopped to wipe her mouth. She usually does. Perhaps Jeannie is not the only one in competition this evening.

Cindy shifts position, allowing Jim to slide his hand under her arm and cup her breast. He squeezes and fondles her and the sight turns me on more than I ever imaged it would. Her hard nipple slips between his fingers and she trembles as he pinches it.

Jim shifts position and accidentally forces his cock deeper into Cindy’s mouth. She gags and pulls away. Jim apologizes as she wipes her mouth. She tells him it’s okay and goes back to sucking his dick.

I can feel Jeannie’s smile as she continues to suck mine.

I finally understand why people enjoy threesomes. As much as I enjoy what Jeannie is doing, I long to slide over and join Jim and Cindy. She is laying on her side, but I imagine her on all fours, with Jim kneeling in front of her, his cock in her mouth, and mine buried in her pussy. I imagine her full dangling breasts swaying back and forth as we take her. I can hear her moans and see her body quiver as an orgasm ripples through her. Jim comes next and she swallows everything he gives her.

I close my eyes as my breath quickens. My dick is rock hard and I start to groan. I quickly tap Jeannie’s head, letting her know I’m about to come. I expect her to pull away but instead, she sucks harder and begins to jack me off in her mouth. That sends me over the edge. I arch my back, hold my breath, and the world slips away as I spray the inside of her mouth with my cum. She continues to suck and swallow until I am completely drained. I fall back, completely exhausted. I cannot remember the last time I had such a fantastic blowjob. Jim is one lucky bastard.

I look down at Jeannie. She is looking up at me and, with a sly smile, opens her mouth, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that she swallowed everything I gave her. I don’t understand until I look back over at Jim and Cindy.

They are both staring at us. Cindy still has Jim’s cock in her mouth, but she’s stopped sucking. She’s just staring at me. I can’t tell if she’s mad or not, but she looks damned sexy holding Jim’s cock like that.

Cindy looks away, closes her eyes, and concentrates on blowing Jim. With her thumb and forefinger wrapped around the base of his shaft, she begins to jack him off in her mouth just as Jeannie had done with me. She bobs her head a few times, then opens her eyes and stares into Jim’s. Half of Jim’s cock is in her mouth. She barely moves her head as she continues sucking and jacking him off. Her tongue hits her puckered cheeks several times as she swirls it around the head of his cock.

Then she does something that takes me completely by surprise.

Jim reaches down, holds her head, and begins to fuck her mouth. When I’ve tried that she either shakes her head or bats my hands away. She hates being controlled during sex. This time she simply drops her hand and lets Jim fuck her, all the time staring into his eyes.

By this time Jeannie has crawled up beside me. I have my arm around her, cupping one of her breasts. Neither of us can take our eyes off Cindy. I feel my cock getting hard again against Jeannie’s ass and there is nothing I would like more than to fuck her while watching Cindy, but I know that’s out of the bounds we’ve set for the evening.

Cindy gags a few times when Jim thrusts too far into her mouth, but she never tries to pull away. I think this surprises me more than anything. She just keeps sucking as he fucks her harder and faster.

Without warning, he comes in her mouth.

Cindy grimaces but she never takes her mouth off his cock. Instead, she closes her eyes and continues to suck, letting him fill her mouth with his cum.

Then she swallows.

A mixture of spit and semen drip down her chin, but she’s sucking and swallowing his cum. I cannot believe it!

Finally, Jim releases her head, pulls his cock out of her mouth, and flops back. He is out of breath but manages to say, “That was incredible.”

Cindy turns to me, opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue. Nothing there. She swallowed every drop. Then she picks up the towel, wipes her mouth, and throws the towel at me.

I had no idea swapping partners would bring out this side of my wife. To be honest, I had no idea this side existed. But now, watching Cindy cuddle up next to Jim as he casually fondles her breast, I’m very happy we did. I don’t know if we’ll do this again, or if we do how far we’ll go but for now, I’m content. I saw a side of my wife that I had not seen before. I’m looking very forward to seeing it again.

The End

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Smitty May 13, 2019 - 6:19 pm

Love it ! Have talked my wife into trying a threesome , another cock for her to play with . Will be in Vegas next month , perhaps we can find another couple , m\f to broaden her horizon

Peter Ferryman June 4, 2020 - 1:11 am

Well written and very exciting! Definitely a one hand read!😈🔥👏👏👏👏


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