Punished For Trespassing

by Cecie Sinclair
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Erotica Punished For Trespassing by Cecie Sinclair

Sexy college coed Lynn loves posing nude for her photographer boyfriend. After a rugged park ranger nearly catches her in the buff, Lynn can’t stop fantasizing about getting caught again and blackmailed into submission, forced to satisfy every desire of her lusty captor.

Hugh Stevenson is an older man who is fed up with people trespassing on his land. When he and his handsome college-aged son discover Lynn and her boyfriend shooting nude pictures in a secluded meadow, he threatens to call the sheriff and throw them in jail. Ignoring the couple’s pleas, he is preparing to make the call when a wicked thought crosses his mind, and he decides to teach the naughty co-eds a lesson instead.

Lynn’s fantasy is about to become a reality, but not quite as she envisioned.

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I might give Jason shit about it, but I loved posing nude for him. The first time I did was about six months after we started dating. Jason’s parents were away for the weekend, and we were at his house making out on the living room couch. My shirt was open, and he was playing with my breasts when he looked up and asked if I would mind posing nude of him.

My first reaction was: “Hell, no.” I had dated other guys who wanted to take nude photos of me, and I never let them. I didn’t trust them. I knew they would end up showing the pictures to all their friends, laughing about their conquest, probably posting them secretly to Facebook or some other site, and I would end up getting the wrong kind of reputation around school. Eventually, my parents would find out, and all hell would break loose.

But Jason was different. I had seen his work and knew he wasn’t after some girlie pictures to show around. I trusted him. So I told him to get his camera while I took off my clothes. I had no idea posing nude would be so deliciously exciting. A rush of naughty pleasure swept through me as I exposed every part of my body to the camera. My heart pounded faster with each click of the shutter. My inhibitions soon vanished, and I was swept away into a dreamy, sensual world that I never knew existed. The sex afterward was fantastic. I even let Jason set up his camera and take pictures of us while we fucked.

I brushed my long hair over one shoulder and let Jason untie my halter top. He loved taking off my tops because it gave him a chance to fondle my breasts. I never wore a bra or panties when there was a chance I would be posing nude. I wanted to look as naturally sexy as possible, and pressure lines from tight clothing just wouldn’t do. He turned me around and sucked each of my nipples, making them nice and hard, then had me strike a pose, and we started shooting.

We began with several topless shots, then I slipped out of my shorts and posed fully nude. The cool evening breeze tickled my nipples, keeping them hard, and felt wonderful against my bare skin. I loved the outdoors. Hiking, camping, sailing, you name it. As long as I’m outside, chances are I’ll enjoy it. I just never thought I would enjoy it with no clothes on.

I was sitting on one of the boulders, leaning back, jutting out my breasts, when I heard someone coming down the path. I jumped off the rock and grabbed my robe just in time to see two men, one middle-aged and another closer to my age, step into the clearing. I quickly threw on the robe as they walked over.
“Hey there. Whatcha all doing?” the older man said. He wore denim jeans and a plaid flannel shirt. A St. Louis Cardinals baseball cap covered his short, graying hair. His skin was tan and taut, like someone who spent most of their time working outdoors.

“Hi,” Jason replied as if nothing were wrong. “We’re just taking a few pictures. I’m studying photography in college. I’m Jason.” He extended his hand, but the other man simply stared at him. Dropping his hand, Jason continued. “This is my girlfriend, Lynn. She’s modeling for me.”

“Uh-huh,” the older man said, looking at me in a way that sent a shiver down my spine. “You always take pictures of your girl in her bathrobe?”

“No, of course not,” Jason replied. Then a little sheepishly he said, “Look, we were taking a couple nude photos, too. She grabbed the robe when we heard you coming.”

“Yeah, I know. We saw her,” the older man said, looking straight at me, letting me know I had been too slow putting on the robe.

My face turned red, but I couldn’t ignore the shameless tingling in my pussy.

“Hey, dad, looks like she left her clothes over here,” the younger man said, walking over to where I had left my halter, shorts, and sandals. I had to admit the guy was hot. He wore faded jeans and a dark blue shirt; the fabric stretched tightly over his muscular arm and chest. He was taller than his father, with unruly black hair and a dark stubble that shaded a strong jaw. He picked up my clothes and brought them back to his father. “Looks like she forgot her underwear.”

The older man turned to me. “How old are you, girl?”

“I’m twenty,” I said and pulled the robe a little tighter around me. I didn’t like the way he was looking at me.

The old man chuckled. “Yeah, I just bet you are. You look more like eighteen.”

“Well, I’m twenty,” I snapped back. “You can check my driver’s license if you don’t believe me.”

“Well, little Miss Twenty, I’m Harlan Stevenson, and this is my land you and your boyfriend are trespassing on.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Stevenson,” Jason said, taking my arm. “We didn’t mean any harm. We’ll just go and not bother you again.”

“Not so fast,” Stevenson said, stepping in front of us. “You can’t just come out here and do whatever you want. We got laws in this county, and you’re in a lot of trouble.”

I saw the look of panic in Jason’s eyes as he tightened his grip on my arm. He was going to make a break for it, and drag me along with him, knowing full well we would never make it.

Stevenson must have seen it too. “Don’t even think about it, boy. Wade took a picture of your license plate.” His son held up a cell phone. I could see Jason’s plate number clearly on the screen. “Try it, and the police will be waiting for you when you get home.”

Jason relaxed his grip and said, “What do you want?”

I knew what they wanted. I could see it in Stevenson’s eyes. My fantasy was about to become a reality. The thought scared the hell out of me. Imagining a sexy ranger taking me was one thing. Having an old man and his son do it was something else.

“That all depends on your girlfriend here,” Stevenson said. “As I see it, you got two choices. She can shed that robe and convince Wade and me that we should let you go, or I call the sheriff, and you two can explain to him why you were taking nudie pictures on my land.” He looked at me. “The choice is yours girl, but make it fast. I ain’t in the mood to wait around.”

“Lynn, I’m not going to let you do this. We’ll explain to the sheriff that we didn’t realize we were trespassing, pay any fines, and move on.”
“And if he decides to press charges?” I said, pulling my arm away. “No, Jason, I can’t risk it, and you know why.”

I turned to Stevenson and looked into his dark brown eyes, hoping to see some sign of pity, and found none. He had us, had me, and he knew it. My heart beat faster and my stomach did flip-flops. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do.

I took a deep breath and slowly opened my robe. Stevenson’s lustful gaze swept down to my breasts, then to my belly, and finally to the neatly trimmed bush of my pussy. Wade let out a low whistle. I shrugged my shoulders, and the robe fell to the ground. I glanced at Jason, saw the shocked look on his face, and suddenly felt a deep sense of humiliation and shame sweep over me. I steeled myself and said, “All right, who goes first?”

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