Poker Night

by Cecie Sinclair
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It was to be a night of tall tales, dirty jokes, and penny-ante poker. But this hotwife has something else in mind. The stakes are raised when Connie walks in wearing an unbuttoned long-sleeve shirt, smokey black stocking, and nothing else! Bound and blindfolded, she aches to act out her most wicked fantasy, and Poker Night will never be the same again.

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Once a month the guys get together for a night of tall tales, dirty jokes, and penny-ante poker. Normally we rotate between houses, but Sam insisted on hosting the game this time. He told us he had something special planned, but wouldn’t tell us what it was. I figured it was another one of his dumb tricks, but agreed to go along with the change if for no other reason than to see what he was up to.

I arrived a little before seven. I usually try to arrive early to help set up, but Sam insisted we all arrive at seven. Tom and Chris were already there, standing by their cars, talking. I parked behind them and was getting out as Jack pulled up.

“So, what do you think’s the big surprise?”

“Probably porn. You know how Sam loves his porn.”

“Knowing Sam it’s a Laker’s game in a porn case.”

“Hey, maybe it’s a stripper!”

“Sam’s not going to pay for a stripper.”

“Hell, I’d pitch in if he did.”

“I wonder if she has big boobs?”

“It’s not a stripper!”

Chris was right. It wasn’t a stripper.

The first thing I noticed when I walked into Sam’s house was the absence of the aroma of his chili. Sam always made very spicy chili whenever we held the game at his house. He loves to cook, which Jack finds weird. Connie, Sam’s wife, loves to cook too, so we’re always treated to a banquet of delicious goodies. But there was no sign of them this night.

“I don’t mean to be rude,” Jack said, dropping a bag of Doritos on the dining room table, “but where’s the grub?”

“Shit, I forgot to tell you guys not to bring anything. I have something special for you to eat tonight.”

Tom stuck his head through the doorway leading to the kitchen. “Well, it ain’t back here.”

“No, it’s in the living room. Come on,” Sam said and lead us out of the dining room and down the hallway leading to the living room. He wore a sly, mischievous grin that made me wonder if we were about to become the butt of one of his dumb-ass jokes.

As we gathered in the living room I noticed the large coffee table that normally sat in the middle of the room was missing and the cushy leather chairs that were normally by the fireplace were placed on each side of the couch.

“Okay, what the hell’s going on, Sam?” Jack said. “I thought we were here to play poker.”

“Oh, I have a game that’s going to be a lot more fun. You guys grab a seat and I’ll be right back with the surprise.”

And with that, Sam left the room.

“Well, I don’t know what he has in mind,” Jack said, sitting down on the couch, “but if we’re not going to play poker I say we head down to that new strip club on Maple Street.”

“Oh, yeah. Janie would just love that,” Tom replied, sitting down next to him.

“So, don’t tell her. You don’t have to tell your wife everything. I mean, shit man, take off the leash.”

Before Tom could answer I sat down in the chair next to him and said, “Sally wouldn’t like it, either.” I leaned forward and looked at Jack. “And yes, I’d tell her.”

“You two are so pussy whipped,” Jack said with a chuckle.

Before I could think of a snappy comeback Chris said, “Uh, guys.” He was staring at the doorway with a dumbfounded look on his face.

We turned around and all thoughts of the strip club vanished.

Sam and Connie were standing in the doorway. Connie was dressed in an unbuttoned white long-sleeve shirt, smokey black stockings, and nothing else. Her eyes were covered with a strip of black lace cloth. As Sam led her into the room I realized her hands were tied behind her back.

No one said a word as Sam guided Connie to the center of the room and turned her around to face us.

She stood there, half-naked, not moving, as we stared at her.

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help wondering what her breasts looked like under that shirt. I glanced down at the dark patch of hair between her legs. Her pubes were thicker than Sally’s, and I wondered what it would feel like to run my fingers through those beautiful short curls.

“Shit,” Jack whispered, breaking the spell.

I looked up to see the corners of Connie’s mouth curled slightly as if she was amused at our sighs and gasps.

Sam stepped behind his wife and placed his hands gently on her shoulders.

“Gentlemen, I call to order the first meeting of…the Sex Club.”

And with that, he slid his hands underneath Connie’s shirt and pulled it open, giving us an unobstructed view of her large, firm breasts.

As I stared at those gorgeous orbs all I could think was, my god, they were serious.

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