Twisted Taboo by S.D. Lange

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review Twisted Taboo by S.D. Lange
From the back cover:

When Kandy decides she needs to earn some extra cash in a hurry, she takes out an ad to provide escort services. Arranging a date with a gentleman puts her decidedly too close to home. Waiting for her date at a local restaurant, Kandy runs into her step-father. Find out what happens when they both realize they are the escort and the date.

My review:

After reading Sidney’s highly erotic swingers novel, “Weekend With Friends”, I decided to pick up a couple of her short stories. I started with this one because I loved the premise. It had all the elements of a fun taboo story, and I’m happy to say it did not disappoint.

I immediately took a shine to Kandy, a freshman coed who needs a little extra cash to help cover her college expenses. Instead of getting the traditional minimum wage job, Kandy realizes she can make big money providing escort services. Within twenty minutes of placing an online ad, she has her first client.

Now, Kandy’s no fool. She knew from the start her clients were going to expect more than a simple date and in all likelihood, she would end up in some stranger’s bed. She preferred not to think of it as prostitution, but any way she looked at it she was still selling her body for money. Lucky for us, she didn’t have a major problem with it.

That is until her step-father arrives.

I will give Step-dad credit, he was not a complete cad. Once he realizes Kandy is his date he decides to call it off and make other plans. Bravo!

However, if they ended it there we would have no story, so Kandy does the unexpected and flirts with her step-father. Step-dad does his best to resist, but when Kandy tells him she’s not any wear panties, as he instructed, lust gets the better of him and they head for the hotel.

I was not surprised when Step-dad took the dominant role and Kandy fell into being the submissive. He wasn’t a complete jerk about it, just a horny middle-aged man who no longer had a problem screwing his step-daughter. Of course, he wasn’t above dishing out a little punishment for Kandy’s indiscretions and took great pleasure in spanking her firm, round bottom.

I was impressed with “Weekend With Friends” and just as impressed with this short. The characters were not as well developed, but they did not need to be. You quickly understand where they are coming from and their motivations. The only thing that didn’t ring true was Kandy’s sudden flirtation with her step-father. I found it awkward but forgivable. The rest of the story certainly made up for it.

If you’re not into anal sex you should know the story ends with a hot, explicit anal sex scene. Seems Step-dad is really into it and decides his little girl should give it a try. There’s plenty of warning so you won’t be taken by surprise, so don’t let it stop you from reading this imaginative, sizzling hot story.

If you like step-daddy/daughter taboo, you’ll love this story. It’s intriguing, erotic, and well-written; everything I’ve come to expect in Sidney’s stories.

Highly recommended!

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