Truth or Dare: Public Group Domination by S.J. Miranda

by Cecie Sinclair
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From the back cover:

It’s just a game, right?

I met Dylan at a party last weekend. Dylan was hot and dominant, and I loved the way he treated me. I knew I wanted more. So when Dylan invited me over to “watch TV” with him at his apartment, I thought I knew what to expect.

Except it wasn’t just the two of us. Dylan had his friends over. And they all wanted me. From the moment they saw me in my short little dress, I was the center of attention.

So we started playing Truth or Dare.

Have you ever been the only girl in a room full of randy guys? If so, it won’t surprise you to learn that before long, every dare was designed to embarrass me or get me to take my clothes off.

And then they stopped letting me pick Truth.

Good thing I love attention!

My review:

This story brings together two things I absolutely love: everyday submissive women and the game of Truth or Dare. I picked it up as part of the author’s Shared and Dominated bundle. All the stories in the collection are good, but this one is the best in my opinion.

As the blurb states, Dylan and Sarah hook up prior to the beginning of the story so we’re lead into the action without a lot of preambles. We get a little bit of background on Sarah and her date with Dylan, a quick sexy scene in her college history class where Dylan almost brings her to orgasm, then we’re off to chapter two where the fun really begins.

When Dylan invites Sarah over to watch Netflix she thinks it’s going to be a quiet evening of sex and submission. She’s surprised to discover Dylan’s roommate Anthony is there when she arrives. There’s some chit-chat and a bit of foreplay on Dylan’s part when there’s a knock at the door and Derek joins the party.

This is definitely not the evening Sarah had planned.

Someone suggests they play a game and they settle on Truth or Dare. Now, I’ve played sexy Truth or Dare before and I know the object of the game is to get the girl naked as quickly as possible. The game’s going as expected – Sarah is out of her dress – when the phone rings. It’s Dylan’s friend Peter. He wants to come over and hang out. Reluctantly, Sarah agrees.

By the time Peter arrives with yet another friend, Jeremy, Sarah is naked and completely under the guys’ control. What happens next is the best Dom/sub gang-bang I’ve ever read. The only thing I’ll say is there is no anal sex for those of you who are squeamish about such things. Other than that, all bets are off.

This was the first story I read by the author and it set the bar pretty high. As I mentioned, the other stories in the collection are good, but I felt this one was by far the best.

If you’re into Dom/sub gang-bangs this is definitely a story you don’t want to pass on! I guarantee it will get your heart racing and your private parts begging for attention.

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