The Librarian Meets Dracula by Eda Mueller

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review The Librarian Meets Dracula by Eda Mueller
From the back cover:

Penelope Shelton, head librarian at the Melville County Library, thought the raging storm would be her biggest adventure of the evening, until he showed up! Was this really Dracula? Did he really just jump off the pages of his book to ravish her? Why was she asking all of these questions and not just cavorting with this attractive man?

If you like a little fang and humor with your romance then this is the book for you!

My review:

Before vampires sparkled and fell in love with vampire slayers there was Dracula. A hardcore, bloodsucking fiend who had a thing for busty women in flimsy nightgowns. An undead prince that sent shivers down my spine and tingles through my nether regions.

After reading Eda’s fun and sexy story, The Librarian Meets the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, I couldn’t wait to read her take on Dracula.

The story opens on a stormy night at the Melville County Library. The library is closed and Penelope is alone reshelving returned books. She’s reflecting on how wonderful the old, musky books smell and daydreaming about sharing in their adventures when she’s suddenly shocked by a jolt of electricity. She quickly recovers and, picking up the book she was about the shelve, discovers the book is Dracula. Suddenly, there is a flash of lightning and the library is plunged into darkness.

What a great set up! I love the way Eda captured the feel of the storm and aloneness of our poor young bookworm. By the time the lights went out I could really identify with Penelope and couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

Of course, what happens next is she meets Dracula.

Many actors have portrayed Dracula through the ages. My all-time favorite is Christopher Lee. His hypnotic eyes and bloody fangs will always haunt my nightmares. But Eda’s portrayal of a more classy, gentlemanly Dracula brought back memories of Bela Lugosi, and he was the Dracula I envisioned as I read the story.

I love the way Dracula seduces Penelope. Unlike the Christoper Lee Dracula who would simply gaze into her eyes and feast upon her body, this Dracula takes his time. He is ever the gentleman as he and Penelope stroll the halls of the library, getting to know each other, courting each other you might say before he asks for their first kiss.

The scene is very romantic as Penelope falls under Dracula’s spell. But things soon turn vividly erotic as passions build and Penelope succumbs to Dracula’s desires. What follows is one of the most beautifully written sex scenes I have read it quite some time.

I love how after their lovemaking Dracula quickly says his goodbyes and vanishes. Typical man. (Just kidding.)

Eda definitely knows how to spin an entertaining and erotic tale, as this story demonstrates. If you’re looking for a fun story with sizzling hot sex you need to check this out.

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The Collected Librarian Series:

Since my review of The Librarian Meets the Legend of Sleepy Hollow Eda released a collected edition of her Librarian series. I’m working my way through it and let me tell you the stories are as exciting as Dracula and Sleepy Hollow. I highly recommend picking up a copy!

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