Strip Me, Search Me, Take Me by Altaira Tempest

by Cecie Sinclair
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book review Strip Me Search Me Take Me
From the back cover:

The year is 2060. Women throughout America have risen to power. Cassie Barnes is a highly respected scientist who has dedicated all her young life to her career. Frustrated and wanting to prove that there really is more to her than her work, she does something crazy and makes a booking with Dial a Dom, a new service that provides women with dominant alpha men so that they can live out their submissive fantasies.

Cassie hires three ripped alphas to act as company security men. On suspicion that she’s a corporate spy, they will handcuff and interrogate her, strip her and search her, then, when her arousal becomes apparent, they will give her exactly what she so desperately needs. What follows is a scorching hot and very rough four way that will tear away all of Cassie’s inhibitions.

My review:

I’ve enjoyed Altaira’s Dial a Dom series, but this is my favorite. In a world where women are the power brokers of society, sexy scientist Cassie Barnes decides to let her hair down and embrace her submissive side. Enter Dial a Dom. After being “kidnapped” by three sexy hunks, Cassie is taken to a secluded office building where she is accused of stealing one of the company’s nano-chips. When she pleads innocence, she is stripped of her clothes and her dignity as the men search for the chip. When the chip cannot be found, the men turn their attention to Cassie, forcing her to acknowledge she enjoyed the interrogation, at which point their true domination of her begins.

I’m a sucker for a good strip scene, so when you read this book you’ll know why it is my favorite of the series. The strip goes on for pages, with every little detail and emotion exquisitely described for the reader’s enjoyment. Cassie’s submission is wonderfully told. I thoroughly enjoyed listening in on Cassie’s thoughts and feelings as she is forced to submit to their every desire. These guys are anything but gentle, with a very long sex scene that is flaming hot, making for a damn good dom/sub tale.

I originally read this story through Kindle Unlimited. I enjoyed it so much I decided to buy a copy but, unfortunately, it was out of print. (Can an ebook be out of print or is it simply unavailable?) Anyway, I was overjoyed when Altaira re-released it. I immediately bought it and books 1 & 3 in Altaira’s first Dial a Dom collection. I highly recommend this series if you’re into powerful women who enjoy exploring their submissive side with equally powerful, dominant men.

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