Stepdaddy’s Bad Girl by Dark Inferno

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review Stepdaddy’s Bad Girl by Dark Inferno
From the back cover:

Eric has a problem. A rebellious stepdaughter whose mother is gone, leaving him her sole legal guardian until she turns 21 next year. And she knows just how to push his buttons.

Fortunately, he’s got a plan to show her who’s in charge…

My review:

This is my second book by Dark Inferno and after seeing his sexy ads on Twitter I couldn’t wait to pick it up.

Eric is an ex-wrestling champ who longs for his lost days of glory and the ex-wife who left him for another man. He is the epitome of an alpha male, constantly referring to himself as ‘the Champ’ and going so far as to tell his sexy stepdaughter that she will never date any boy who cannot beat him.

Katharine is his 18-year-old stepdaughter. She is presented as an ungrateful brat, and in Eric’s eyes that’s exactly what she is, but we soon discover that is far from the truth. While the story is told exclusively from Eric’s point of view, it is clear that Katharine is only doing what she must to endure a very demanding and cruel stepfather.

The story begins on a night when Eric has had a little too much to drink and way too much time to think about his past. He is in a bitter mood when he catches Katharine trying to sneak out of the house. In the space of a few well-written paragraphs, you know exactly where this story is headed.

Now, this is a taboo story so we know from the start that Eric and Katharine are destined for sex. The author quickly establishes the domineering daddy/(step)daughter relationship, but I was surprised, and very turned on, to discover just how domineering Eric could be.

Our first hint at this is when Eric decides he hates the sexy dress Katharine is wearing and demands she take it off. Reluctantly, she does and we discover she’s naked underneath except for a pair of lacy black panties. After gazing upon her luscious body with wonderfully vivid detail, Eric commands her to kneel. Her pleas make it clear this is not the first time she was made to do this.

I love a good forced oral sex scene, and this one did not disappoint. At one point the author slips into Katharine’s point of view, but it’s hardly noticeable and quite forgivable considering how eloquently the author spins this wonderfully graphic scene.

After orally gratifying her stepfather, Katharine is marched upstairs to the master bedroom. There Eric forces himself upon her and takes her anally. What starts as a rape scene quickly turns into something else. Halfway through the rape, Katharine goes from pleading victim to wanton slut thanks to a magic ointment Eric applies to his penis prior to taking his stepdaughter.

I enjoyed this story so much I read it several times. It brought back memories of the old Greenleaf Bondage House books that I loved so much in college. The sex scenes are vivid and so well-written that I was quivering as much as Katharine by the end.

If you enjoy taboo incest stories and don’t mind delicious scenes of forced sex, you will love this book!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here’s the sexy ad that I found so hot!

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