Riley’s Punishment by Harley Laroux

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review Riley's Punishment by Harley Laroux
From the back cover:

Strict discipline for a naughty thief, courtesy of two very dominant brothers…

Riley has no problem stealing food from other survivors. After the fall of humanity, it’s a cruel world and she will do whatever it takes to survive, even if it means others will go hungry.

Then Riley is caught stealing from the Owens Brothers: two Southern boys who believe in good old-fashioned discipline. They’re determined to teach Riley a lesson, even if it means both brothers take a turn with her over their knee!

Naughty girl Riley won’t have her ways changed easily. Will it be the pain that convinces her to give up her thieving ways? Or the pleasure?

My review:

I love post-apocalyptic stories. I guess it’s the pessimist in me. I’ve always seen Man’s future more along the lines of the Road Warrior than Star Trek.

So, you can understand what attracted me to this story. Harley weaves a tale of the world ending not with a nuclear holocaust but with the dead rising and putting Man on their dinner menu. I’m not a big zombie fan, but I liked the premise. Sort of like World War Z, only where the zombies win at the end.

The story begins with Riley, our sexy protagonist, starving and desperately looking for food. As she freely admits, she’s no survivalist and knows absolutely nothing about hunting and trapping. Instead, she steals what she needs from other survivor’s camps and to hell with whether they survivor or not.

Real sweet lady, huh?

One morning she comes upon a rabbit roasting over an open campfire. She doesn’t see anyone around, so she grabs the rabbit and chows down.

Only, she’s not alone.

The rabbit belongs to Daryl and Cyrus Owens, and they’re not at all happy to find Riley devouring their meal.

Riley tries to charm her way out of a bad situation, but the Owens will have none of it. I loved that. I have known far too many women who can wrap a man around their little finger with an empty promise and a low cut dress. It was very satisfying seeing Riley get her comeuppance.

The Owens believe in harsh discipline and that includes a stern spanking or two.

Now, I like a good spanking scene and Harley knows how to spin a delicious one. Riley doesn’t take kindly to being spanked and puts up quite a fuss. Her kicking and screaming only adds to the excitement as the Owens dish out some well-deserved punishment.

Usually, there are only one or two spanking scenes in the stories I read. To be honest, that’s usually enough. I mean, come on, you can only tan her ass so many times before it gets boring.

Not so here. There’s lots of spanking throughout the story, and Harley keeps it fresh and highly erotic. A bit of light bondage helps keep the scenes so hot they’ll melt your panties off.

In addition to all the spanking, Harley throws in some incredibly hot sex scenes for good measure. The boys aren’t exactly gentle, and they certainly enjoy tormenting poor Riley, but she’s so horny throughout the story that she grows to like it. I liked that aspect of the story, too.

If you like stores where bratty little bitches are taught a stern lesson by domineering alpha men, you’re going to love this story.

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