The Librarian Meets the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Eda Mueller

by Cecie Sinclair
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Erotic Book Review The Librarian Meets the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Eda Mueller
From the back cover:

Penelope Shelton, head librarian at the Melville County Library, was itching for her next encounter. Her literary lovers had been few and far between lately and she hoped that Halloween would bring the next one to her. She was surprised when it was Ichabod Crane who showed up in the crowd, but would he be her only visitor? The town of Sleepy Hollow had another man that she wasn’t sure she wanted to meet. Would he make an appearance as well, and, if so, how does one deal with a man with no head? Find out in this humorous and sexy Halloween tale!

My review:

I loved the Legend of Sleepy Hollow story when I was a little girl. Disney’s version scared the hell out of me, though looking back I guess it wasn’t meant to. I even liked the Johnny Depp movie despite Christina Ricci.

So I was thrilled when I discovered Eda’s erotic version of the Sleepy Hollow tale. The story takes place in the county library where our heroine, Penelope, is the head librarian. We soon discover that in the past several fictional characters have visited dear Penelope with the intent of satisfying her carnal desires. Now, it’s Halloween, and from the title of the book, we know a new suitor is about to arrive.

Actually, two arrive. The first is a tall, lanky man who turns out to be Ichabod Crane. He arrives while the library is open and Penelope’s two helpers are present, so she must do some fancy footwork to keep him hidden until the library closes. There’s a fun scene between Penelope and Ichabod as she tries to keep him locked away in her office on the pretense he’s applying for a library card.

Eventually, the library closes, the two helper’s leave, and we get down to business. Just as things start to turn hot and heavy the Headless Horseman appears. After a fun encounter between the Horseman and his flaming pumpkin and Penelope and her fire extinguisher, we discover why Ichabod is there. Being headless there are simply some things the Horseman cannot do. Enter Ichabod.

The sex scenes sizzle as the Headless Horseman and Ichabod Crane team up make our sexy librarian’s horny dreams come true. I absolutely loved the part where the Horseman strips Penelope to the waist and takes his time enjoying her breasts, but then that’s one of my favorite fantasies. After Ichabod removes her panties we are treated to one helluva steamy threesome. The Horseman may be headless, but he still manages please poor Penelope in oh so many ways.

This is the 6th book in Eda’s Librarian series. If the other books are like this one, and I expect they are, they’re all standalone stories. I like that because I can pick and choose the order I want to read them in. And I am definitely going to read them. I can’t wait to read about Penelope’s encounter with Dracula!

If you’re interested in experiencing the wicked side of some of fiction’s greatest characters, I highly recommend picking up this series.

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