Kitty Katz & Her Pink Cadillac by Amber Skye

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review Kitty Katz & Her Pink Cadillac by Amber Skye
From the back cover:

It’s 1957! Soda fountain shops, rock & roll music, and big American cars are all the rave. Enter Kitty Katz, a wealthy southern woman with a healthy sexual appetite and a big, pink Cadillac. Miss Kitty, a former debutante and pageant runner-up, is on the prowl and up for mischief.

Kitty’s first adventure begins on a Friday night in the fall when most everyone in the small, central Georgia town where she resides is at the high school football game—a common occurrence in the South. Kitty spies a damsel in distress and has her driver, Amos, follow the young woman to the soda fountain shop, where Kitty charms the pretty girl into a drive around town and much, much more.

On Saturday afternoon, Kitty has Amos carry her out to a pig farm to fetch a ham for supper with the new Episcopal Reverend and his family. When she discovers the lovely yet kooky pig farmer’s daughter, Mary Kate Watkins, is all alone on the farm, the afternoon turns into an oinking good time!

And finally, our protagonist takes aim at the Reverend’s daughter when the young woman returns to Kitty’s home, this time unaccompanied by her parents!

My review:

I discovered Amber Skye and Kitty Katz on Scriggler. That’s where I found the delicious story Mary Kate Watkins Serves a Customer, the second of three stories in this wonderful collection. There I was introduced to Kitty Katz, a saucy southern bell with an exquisite taste in young, sexy ladies. The lady in this story is, of course, Mary Kate Watkins, a sweet farmer’s daughter who, we soon discover, fancies Miss Kitty. Well, it’s no secret that Miss Kitty fancies Mary Kate as well, and what follows is one of the steamiest sex scenes I had ever read. This was my first exposure to lesbian erotica and let me tell you after this story I was hooked.

I read several of Amber’s other stories while waiting for the Kitty Katz collection to be published. I enjoyed them all and even reviewed one, Eating Out. I love Amber’s casual, down-home writing style. She has a wicked sense of humor that really shines in this collection.

If you’re looking for a good time and a fun read I highly recommend Kitty Katz & Her Pink Cadillac. You will not be disappointed!

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