Claiming the Submissive Wife by Cynthia Havoc

by Cecie Sinclair
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Book Review Claiming the Submissive Wife by Cynthia Havoc
From the back cover:

The science experiment changed everything, leaving Steven with a telepathic connection to his power-broker wife’s fantasies.

He never knew that she was submissive, but starting tonight, he’s going to make her dreams come true. She’ll be the first to join his collection; the first member of the Neighborhood Hotwife Harem.

My review:

Imagine if you had the ability to read minds. Would you delve into your spouse’s thoughts? Would you act upon their deepest sexual desires?

Steven can and did. After gaining the ability to read minds, he could not resist looking into the thoughts of his dispassionate wife. What he found shocked and aroused him. Who would have guessed his ambitious power-broker wife secretly wanted to be dominated and sexually controlled?

Well, that’s all Steven needed to know. Interrupting a call between his wife and a sexy co-worker, Steven takes control and orders her to strip. Surprised at her husband’s sudden dominance, she falls in line and does as she’s told.

So begins this wonderful tale of submission and sexual fulfillment.

I loved this story. As you probably know, submission is one of my kinks. With a genre filled with alpha male billionaires, it was quite refreshing to read about an average guy with an extraordinary gift “forcing” his wife to submit to her every desire. The story is played out in a very imaginative way, with Steven always one step ahead in demanding exactly what his wife wants and needs.

This was a very fun and exciting introduction to Cynthia’s Neighborhood Hotwife Harem series. I can’t wait to see what Steven does next.

If you like tales of submission you will love this book. It’s a quick read with enough steamy sex to satisfy the horniest of readers.

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