Alex by Stefan Angelina McElvain

by Cecie Sinclair
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From the back cover:

Alex is a hermaphrodite. This is her/his story, a journey of self-discovery. It starts with a one-month-old baby deserted in front of a church who grows up in an orphanage. While exploring her/his body as a teenager, she accidentally makes herself pregnant. Fearful of discovery, she leaves the mid-West for the big city, Los Angeles. She starts to have visions and realizes she is both herself, and the baby she is carrying. Her intellect increases during the pregnancy.

She falls prey to the big city, getting sucked into prostitution. A hermaphrodite is in demand, a novelty for the rich and powerful. She becomes their plaything and seeks revenge. Alex evolves, turning the tables on the elite, becoming a very young rich widow. A second baby opens her mind further, but life becomes tangled when the Mob gets involved.

My review:

This book surprised me. The author tagged it as edgy paranormal erotica on Twitter. I was expecting an erotic horror story. Instead, I was presented with gripping tale of a young hermaphrodite and her/his struggle to find her/his place in the world.

While tagged as erotica, the story does not include graphic sex scenes. Instead, the scenes are tasteful and brief, with just enough description to let the reader know what happened. The style reminded me of Pauline Réage’s descriptions in The Story of O.

The paranormal aspect of the story comes from Alex’s psychic link with her children. In essence, the children were an extension of herself. I loved the way the author switched back and forth between the personalities. Sadly, the author told me he stopped doing this in later novels because he was concerned it was too confusing.

While some aspects of the story were a little hard to believe, such as Alex’s flawless mastery of the stock market, they did not distract from a riveting story. It did not take long for me to realize this was one of those rare books that I hated to put down and found myself reading into the wee hours of the night.

If you are looking for a great read with unforgettable characters you should click on the link below and pick up your copy of Alex.

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