The Abduction by Felicity Brandon

by Cecie Sinclair
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From the back cover:

The abduction begins, and Vicky is bundled into the back of a saloon by complete strangers. Now with her mouth busy, and her hands bound, she is being taken to turn this fantasy into reality… She hopes to be screwed senseless, and by the side of the road, she will be stripped, spanked and stimulated by the demands of her captors. But is the best yet to come? Can she complete her fantasy by submitting to the man who is orchestrating events… her own husband?

My review:

After reading the blurb I knew I had to pick up this book. The thought of being abducted and ravaged is a long-time fantasy of mine and I love seeing how other authors handle the subject. Believe me, this book did not disappoint!

The story kicks into high gear right from the start as Vicky drives to a secluded area and we share her anxiety and excitement as she awaits her captors. Soon a car with blacked-out windows arrives and a strapping hunk of a man gets out. Seems he and his friends are lost and need directions. Following a rehearsed script, Vicky plays along, offering to help. When they walk over to the guy’s car to check directions on his map he grabs her from behind, clamps his hand over her mouth, and the fun begins!

One of the things I really liked about this story was even though Vicky knew the abduction was a game and she really wasn’t going to be raped or hurt, she didn’t know exactly what was going to happen. Part of the fun was experiencing her surprise and apprehension when her husband did the unexpected.

At the risk of giving too much away, I absolutely loved where the men took Vicky for her assault. Rather than choose someone’s house or a cabin the in woods or an abandoned building, they ended up in a lay-by off a major road. Brilliant! (For those of you in the states, a lay-by is the same as our highway rest area.)

If you’re into abduction fantasies you will definitely want to check out this book. It’s a fast read with plenty of well-written sizzling hot sex. I highly recommend it!

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