Odd Jobs by Captain Trips

by Cecie Sinclair
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Adult Graphic Novel Review Odd Jobs by Captain Trips

From the back cover:

Candra Misky’s acting career hasn’t gone as she had planned. Still waiting for a break, she has to resort to taking whatever jobs come along so she can pay the bills. Unexpectedly, these jobs lead to some interesting sexual encounters.

My review:
If you read my review of Captain Trips’ graphic novel, Slaves of Desire, then you know how much I love his artwork. Well, the sexy art and great storytelling continue with his Candra Misky series.

In Odd Jobs, we find Candra unemployed and about to give up on her dream of becoming an actress. She’s pissed off her agent and is desperately waiting to hear if she snagged a role in an upcoming movie. Unfortunately, the studio is still negotiating the funding so it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Yep, things do not look bright for our budding starlet.

Instead of getting a part-time job like any other out of work actress, Candra decides a little groveling might get her back in her agent’s good graces. He’s not happy to see her. But the groveling works and she is offered a photo gig posing topless for an Italian hamburger and hot dog deli. It’s not the type of job she was looking for, but what the hell, it will pay the rent.

So, Candra does the shoot, and we are treated to some very hot images with her and various food products.

But it’s nothing like what we get to see when she reports back to her agent. He decides she should show a little gratitude after being such a bitch. She doesn’t want to piss him off again, so Candra lets him have his way with her. And for 18 gorgeous panels, we’re treated to an incredibly steamy sex scene.

But things are only starting to heat up.

The cousin of the deli owner hires Candra to model for his new pizza parlor. He wants a sexy lass to pose for some promotional photos. Let me tell you Candra looks stunning in her skimpy waitress outfit.

We’ve known Candra is hot for her photographer, and she finally gets her chance with the hunk when they return to his apartment for a drink. She soon sheds her clothes, and we’re treated to 50 blazing hot pages of sex. I’ve seen some sizzling sex scenes in my day, but dear reader you’re really going to enjoy this one.

After we’ve caught our breath we’re lead to the longest sex scene in the novel. A whopping 90 pages of smoking hot sex between Candra, the owners of the pizza parlor, and a guy Candra and her friend met at a bar. This series of images alone is worth the price of admission.

One thing I’ll say about Candra. She knows how to please her fellas!

I’m a huge fan of Trips’ Empress Chronicles series (you should check it out), but after reading this novel I’ll be adding Candra Misky to the series I follow.

I highly recommend Odd Jobs. It’s a great place to start and, believe me, you will not be disappointed!


Odd Jobs
314 single and multi-panel pages
1170 x 1048 high-quality image size
PDF format – can be viewed in Adobe Reader or any other PDF reader
Delivered in a ZIP file – can be extracted to any folder of your choice

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